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BGStar® Blood Glucose Meter

The new BGStar® features Dynamic Electrochemistry®, an intelligent technology for the confidence of accurate blood glucose results.

Compact. Convenient. Confidence

The BGStar® features Dynamic Electrochemistry®, an intelligent technology for the confidence of accurate blood glucose results. This compact and intuitive meter has been designed by listening to what people with diabetes want and expect in their blood glucose meters. The easy-to-use features, STARCare support services for your diabetes questions (i.e. blood glucose meters, BGStar® Diabetes Management Software, iBGStar® Diabetes Manager App), all add up to the confidence to make better-informed diabetes-related decision.

Choose the BGStar® for


  • A large, easy to read, backlit display and a smiley face icon clearly identifies when you’re within the proper range to help eliminate confusion.
  • Data is displayed quickly and a visual countdown and beep will tell you when the test is complete.


  • The BGStar® requires only a small sample of blood to help reduce multiple finger sticks.
  • Easy-to-use mealtime tags can be added with each sample to help you and your healthcare professional identify your blood glucose patterns.
  • Testing can be completed in an average of 6 seconds.

Assured Accuracy

  • Samples are analysed using patented, state-of-the-art Dynamic Electrochemistry® - an intelligent technology to ensure accurate readings that meets today’s stringent industry standards.
  • No coding eliminates the chance for inaccurate results due to miscoding.
  • The BGStar® features plasma equivalent calibration for assurance with each and every reading.


  • A memory that holds up to 1,865 tests provides the data necessary to give you and your healthcare professional a clear picture of your diabetes.
  • With both hyper and hypoglycaemic alerts, as well as 7 programmable alarms, you can be reassured that you have the ability to be in charge of your diabetes.
  • Pre and Post-mealtime averages with graphic displays and 14, 30, and 90 day averages allow you to make better-informed diabetes-related decisions.


  • The BGStar® Diabetes Management Software gives you the ability to analyse long-term trends as well as specific, detailed information for each test to help you and your healthcare professional manage your diabetes.
BGStar® Diabetes Management Software screen captures
  • Your individual data can be printed or emailed to share your information with your healthcare professional at any time for greater flexibility.
  • STARcare customer support service for full support of your BGStar or iBGStar.
  • Professional training for healthcare providers will be given to help better serve the needs of people with diabetes.
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